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Payza Money Adder Version 1.05 2016 is a great application which generates the free money for users, by hacking Payza Accounts from encrypted Servers, it is designed by the France and Russian Hackers And Works on MAC,Windows 7 & 8, Linux and Ubuntu As Well .But they didn’t made it public, probably the only reason is to prevent from the spammers. But i do think it should be made public and help the users to generate the Free cash.  What !! Can we hack Free Payza Money ? And Generate or Earn Free Earnings Online ? The answer is yes , But it would be possible only with this application, which am sharing you now. This Crack is very easy to use and make real money online. Is this is a free Application? No You have to complete a survey for downloading this file to prevent from spam bots and spammers, just complete a survey to prove that you are human and download the file For free.

What is Payza Money Adder ?
Payza Money Adder Version 1.05 is a application developed in Python, Java, Ruby, which is created by the 83 members of france and russian hackers team during 2014-2016 . They struggled 1 month to make it successful. And Finally created a tool which can generate free money For Users.  Why it was created? There is a revenge story behind  the scenes , If u want to know it then read this, One day head of Hackers bought a Hardware Device which is  a worth of 10,000$ using Payza transactions, he successfully made the payment and ordered it. But after one hour more 10,000$ was deducted from the account. Now total amount deducted from his account was 20,000$ , he mailed the Payza team but they didn’t responded to the mail. Making this as point he want to exploit the whole Payza transactions. But this was not possible that time. So he got curious about the Payza system and how it works !!. He came into the game commanding their team to make a ultimate hack about Payza Money system. They started working on it and found a bug which cannot be fixed by the Payza Money system and can be used as source to exploit the servers. Working a month they completely defined a working Payza money adder which cannot be fixed by the Payza team.


  1. Increases money to almost any amount desired
  2. No longer requires the user's account to be verified
  3. Allows for transfers to be made instantly
  4. Doesn't require a proxy list
  5. Works 10 times faster than previous version

  1. Download The Payza Money Adder Version 1.05
  2. Run the Program As ADMINISTRATOR (other wise crashes often)
  3. Enter Your Email Id And Add The Amount to be Added (Max : 100/day)
  4. Wait until the program ping backs you message
  5. It will take upto 2-5 minutes because of encryption it will search for the open ports and sends SQL injection And successfully completes it.
  6. After 5 Minutes it will represents you a message the Money Has been Added to Your Payza Account
  7. You have successfully added money to your Payza account , its time to watch your account.

I Got Error Like the Application Has Been Suddenly Stopped!!!
Ans: Yes It happens some times due to your OS problems, don’t panic run it as administrator
How much amount i can add at one time?
The maximum permissible amount is 1000$ but you can add multiple times coming to threshold value it is limited to 50$. Below listed some frequently used amounts $10, $50, $100
Does this program works in future?
Yes!! Of course this programs works until earth crashes or Payza remove their service. This is because we have invented a system which sandboxes the server everytime and this Application is working on virtual servers.
Do I get arrested For Adding Payza Money? Is it Safe?
Not possible as i had said already it was working on virtual servers, which generates the new ip basing on cellular location (random locations) . So it is not possible to locate even one clue about the user.
How many times, i can add the amount in single day using Payza money adder?
As many times , no one can trace. But recommended to use 1 times a day using single account because they might be doubtful on you.
Should i trust the program?
You may or may not because , it  doesn’t matter. Actually its not a question.

Bonus :
  1. 100 Internet Business Tutorial Ebook
  2. Premium Hack Tools
 Bonus Screenshot (Ebook & Tools)

As the day passed by, we observed that the demand for this hack tool is increasing rapidly, especially on Facebook and Twitter. So in order to maintain the quality of this hack, we’ve decided add Daily Download Limit(100 download per day) and a litle Survey to unlock this hack.

As your 1st Trusted Source of reliable hacks, it’s our responsibility to bring latest hack on the internet before anyone else does. We provide Free Premium Hacks to to thousands of people around the world and obviously, we’ve got lots of envy competitors who want to bring us down. They are using their bots to download our hacks multiple times so they destroy our server! We don’t want that happen again so we really need to address this issue. We think this the most effective way to avoid further server crashes in the future.

We made this hack site to help you, our fellow users. We don’t earn single penny from this hack site. So please bear with us.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience and we really appreciate your patience.

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August 18, 2015 at 9:16 AM delete

thanks, work very well...:)

August 18, 2015 at 9:18 AM delete

nice app for adding free money to my payza account
thank you dude....:)

December 17, 2015 at 2:22 PM delete

thanks bro
i've got a $450 now....:)